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yes! eddsworld is back

Nice animation style and it's pretty funny

threebrain responds:


lol funny

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Very well made game with good cutscenes!


Pretty fun game

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Nice! Sonic colours is one of my favourites!!!

Who is Andy? one of Edd's old friends?

Good job tom i can tell you put some real effort into making this

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Nice, i like the style

i feel bad for the kid having a dad like that lol

ChazDude responds:

with this covid death toll under his watch you'd be right

haha you're so funny
if you didn't tell i'm being sarcastic, if you don't like xbox one that's fine, just don't make stuff up about microsoft being like this and only wanting money, Just try and play on an xbox one and maybe change your view?
Replying to Rennis5's reply- Ok fair enough but it's still a great console with loads of great games and there's a new Xbox coming out around december this year which will probably be great as well, also i've never played on a PS4 only Xbox 360 and Xbox one so i've no idea what play station is like

Rennis5 responds:

This artwork is from when they announced the xbox one, maybe you were too young at the time but the initial release was aimed at fucking over customers as much as possible, constant online connection, a game disk could only be used once, so customers can't share or resell their games, which also means no one can buy 2nd hand games, it had mandatory kinect, also it cost more than a PS4 and wasn't as powerful.
Microsoft also tried to reveal it as home entertainment unit instead of a gaming console and they didn't really address any of the gaming features, then when people started asking questions at the announcement, no one from Microsoft could answer the questions properly, it was a total disaster and many gamers were offended at the DRM.
Have you ever borrowed a game from a friend or bought a pre-owned game? if you have, then that was only possible because of the severe backlash Microsoft copped for their shitty business practices.
So maybe do some research on who you're giving your money to before making "sarcastic" comments my artrwork.

I do stuff. Some people like the stuff that i do.

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